$200.00 Total Pledged
$8.00 Team Total
$70.00 Event Total

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Girls on the Move

We are a fabulous group of girls who will do this event with panache, style and poise! Donate to us, please.

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Samantha Jackel
2 days ago

Pledged $200.00 Raised $8.00

Peter Jackel
01/Nov/2019 22:46

You are the Wind in my Sails, Butter on my Bread, Apple in my Pie, Sugar to my Spice, Pumpkin to my Pie, Cottage to my Cheese, Ice to my Cream, Milk to my Chocolate, Jelly to my Donut, Hocus to my Pocus, Peter to my Pan, the King to my Kong. Go Girl.

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HopeBuilders International is an Australian not-for-profit charity and is run by a small team of volunteers, who are motivated by their Christian faith to love the destitute, marginalised and abandoned.

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